I have been playing Piano for around 30 years, and making music with all the computers I could get my hands on (Spectrum, C64, Amiga, Atari ST, PC and Mac!), not to mention a few synths and sequencers along the way.

As music technology improves and advances, I continue to hone my skills and experience with various iterations of Cubase, Reason, and Logic Pro on different platforms, plus working with virtual instruments, samplers, vocal removal, synthesis, studio mixing and engineering, and many styles of composition and arrangement.  Most of my studio work has been involved in creating backing music and sound effect for Knock Knock Ministries drama group, and arranging music tracks for weddings. My live work is assisting 2 local churches on Sunday mornings, one of which has been for over 20 years including live concerts and running the house audio with realtime pitch correction and recording/mixing (while I’m playing piano and sometimes controlling a drum machine!)

I also create custom ringtones for all phone formats for myself and for others on request.

But music is not just a passion, it is my life.  A constant soundtrack intertwined with everything I do, see, hear and feel, it drives me… inspires me… defines me and it’s difficult not to be so vocal and subjective about it.  It stirs emotions, incites anger, sparks love, provokes fear, and calms the soul.

One thing that has remained constant in all this is the way I work with music and audio.  Some people have a photographic memory, of which I do to a certain extent, but mine is primarily aural, in that I remember just about every song, sound effect, rhythm, or sound bite I’ve heard.

Movie quotes and sound effects are prominent because so many film producers use a library of common samples, so in a bit of an OCD way, I can’t help pick out those sounds which get overused e.g. this child laugh or this scream.

I’ll remember where I heard it, or what I was doing at the time and where it originated from.  I could describe it as a kind of synaesthesia as it triggers those memories, and I access those like a media server, where I’m able to reply, rewind, fast forward…  This is more of a game I play to keep my mind sharp…

So I will be uploading some track examples at some point soon.