I have been immersed in I.T. since the days of the Sinclair Spectrum and the Commodore 64… good times!  I graduated to a Commodore Amiga (A500 and then A1200 which I miss even more!), had fling with Unix at Uni and then was semi-forced to migrate to a Windows PC when Commodore dropped the ball back in the day.   Been thru a few PC’s since then, built and managed more than a few Linux/Unix servers/firewalls using various distros, and more recently, OS X my Macbook Pro (which I’m about to upgrade the hard drive on now it’s out of warranty)

In terms of coding, I was writing BASIC program on the 8-bit machines, a whole load more BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, C/C++, REXX,, & 68000 assembly and shell scripting on the Amiga & at Uni on Unix, quickly followed by HTML in its early stages and a few other esoteric languages like Miranda/Gofer, False, and MOO(!).  More recently it’s been a slew of projects in HTML, XML, CSS, and VBScript with generous splashes of PHP and SQL, and some Java, Javascript, Perl and Ruby garnishes.

Operating systems experience:

Windows from ye days of 3.10 desktop all the way to Server 2003 and Active Directory, my commercial infrastructure set up and support experience is extensive, including most of the server applications like DNS, DHCP, IIS, etc.

Unix/Linux includes Solaris, Slackware, Debian/Ubuntu, OpenBSD, Red Hat and OS X, again with the most common services like Bind/DJB DNS, Apache/Tomcat, MySQL, Squid, Proxy, DHCP, QMail, Samba, and Packet Filtering/IP Chains.  I’ve also built a few custom kernels to accommodate the odd annoying nic!  I also manage 2 Linux based web servers on which I host a couple website for friends and 2 churches.

IBM Products are a bit mish-mash when it comes to OS support/compatibility – so I will mention that I have had a fair amount of experience with older versions of Tivoli Monitoring & TSM, but more recently some experience with COGNOS & FileNet.

Networking kinda ties all the above together, and I have a fair amount of experience with setting up TCP/IP infrastructure, along with all the routing, switching, Ethernet, and security paraphernalia.  (Did I mention NAS and some SAN exposure?)

So that’s it for now, if I think of anything else I have been involved in I will add it.