I just finished upgrading my Mac Book Pro hard disk to 500GB 7200 rpm from the original 120/5400 disk it came with. From a 90/30 split, I now have 400/100 as OS X/Windows XP (NTFS) and all this without reinstalling Windows in Boot Camp (which would have meant re-installing all the software, countless Windows updates, from SP2 level!?… yawn / blah blah blah)

I spent quite a while trying to use the ‘recommended tool’ Winclone which did not image the drive properly (and is no longer in support or development!) and nor did any other ‘automated’ tool. I tried the Easeus Partition tool and even gparted, which did clone the partition from the old drive, but not make it bootable. I trawled the ‘Net for help but eventually found the commands for myself and did it manually, which worked a treat, even the NTFS expanded no problems! Only Parallels needed a quick re-configure to recognise which disk to boot.

(I know it may seem futile to keep XP, but I actively use a MOTU Traveller on Firewire and a bunch of pre-Vista software for live music production so I couldn’t risk the upgrade to Windows 7 without testing everything bit by bit at this time.  I’m more likely to upgrade it all to OS X and be done with Windows anyway!)