My name is Tele Charalambous and I’m a bit of a polymath, dreamer, inventor, artist, photographer, musician, and an I.T. specialist.  This doesn’t include the fact that I’m interested in all sorts of technology, sciences, media, language, culture, travel, and cuisine!  So I am passionate about a lot of things in life, a jack of all trades, but also master of some. I’m also a member of SWPP.

My main focuses are IT, music & video production, and more recently photography, but I employ the breadth of my interests and skills… including my passion for reading up on, researching, and getting involved in all of the above, not only to constantly expand my knowledge and skills, but to network with people and help them when they need me, as well as those who enrich my life also.

Simply put, bringing dreams into reality.

As a result, I have difficulty in branding Dreamstate Reality, or tying down exactly how to market myself, because I enjoy the diverse nature of being creative.  It is how I thrive and produce the best results, even if I am my own worst critic!

So this blog is a journey thru the creative side of things, and hopefully if you spot something you think will help you, by all means contact me and we can work something out.  If you would like to help me out by designing a brand/logo/business card for Dreamstate Reality, I am also open to offers!

Thanks for visiting,

Tele C